The Kleinrock Center for Internet Studies offers a number of internships throughout the year. From future engineers to future archivists, we work with students to match their skills and interests with the many projects taking place at the Internet Center, focusing on both physical and digital archives, the creation of new exhibits, and student-proposed projects on the social and technological development of the Internet. This provides UCLA students with unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable experience in the craft of archives and historical research, consulting primary source documents and, in this instance, developing an interest in our communications revolution.

In 2011-12, KCIS began with its first project, a physical and online archive of documents from early Internet history, and its first exhibitions, based around UCLA’s first ARPANET node, the network that became the Internet. In 2012-13, KCIS will work to support UCLA graduate students in pursuing aspects of their own research, for course credit and other forms of support, and demonstrating their capabilities online and through exhibition at UCLA.

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