KCIS is a project encompassing an historical space in UCLA Engineering’s Boelter Hall, as well as physical and digital archives in the UCLA Libraries illuminating the early history of the Internet. KCIS has organized UCLA accredited student projects, institutional collaborations, graduate student MLIS training, and events, as well as supporting the development of UCLA courses on the histories of the Internet. KCIS’s resources contribute to a DARPA study of internet history and innovation, as well as ongoing efforts to develop student support at UCLA.

Exhibit Space

Our exhibit space covers approximately half the original UCLA Network Measurement Center, which operated through 1969-75 as the first node of the ARPANET (a network that laid foundations for the modern Internet). The space displays period-specific artifacts, documents, and photographs, including the packet switch that formed the first connection on the ARPANET. It is shown to prospective students, visiting scholars, and other interested groups.


Our physical and digital archives offer historic materials that shed light on the early history of the Internet. Physical archives are conserved in the UCLA Library Special Collections, and digital archives are hosted with the UCLA Digital Libraries.


Bradley Fidler (director); Morgan Currie (researcher and program developer); Charlotte Brown (archives consultant); Sharon Traweek (advisor); Leonard Kleinrock (advisor); Morten Bay, Colleen McCormick, and Federico Novick (research associates); Janice Martin-Wheeler (administrative analyst).  Alumni: Kyoko Aoki, Joanna Black, Yee May Chua, Sonia Collazo, and Gretta Treuscorff (Master of Library and Information Science Archival Studies interns); Aamoy Gupta, Simon Bensoussan, Jacob Ferrari, Jason Hong, Matthew Millar, Sophie Gerrick, Kevin Kuo, and Long Nguyen (Undergraduate Research Associates); Sebastian Clough, Paul Cooley, Scott Kepford, Justin Scoltock, Eric Blumberg, Chris Beas (Fowler Museum of Cultural History Exhibit Designers).


The activities of the Center are supported generously from the Shen Family ($100K), Eric Schmidt ($50K), Mark Cuban ($25K), the Lynch Family Foundation ($10K), Vijayakumar Tella ($10K), Aaron Cohen ($5K), David Bohnett ($2.5K), and Wayne Smith, Liming Chen, and Tom and Karissa Grasty.

Curious about Internet history?

See SIGCIS resources, Computer History Museum, Charles Babbage Institute, History of the Internet – Wikipedia


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